PDFGears is a powerful PDF Inspector. It can open PDF file and display it's internal structure in very convenient way. Even syntax of page content stream is highlighted. Description for all commands is displayed. Images can be displayed as images.


PDFGears is a very best PDF Inspector. It has modern and fast user interface along with set of unique features.
PDFGears shows objects tree of PDF Document and list of XREF tables. You can search for any specific object by ID, type or data. All References to or from any particular object can be displayed. Each object or stream can be saved to external file, images exported as regular image or as PDF stream. Syntax of page contents is highlighted, each command has a description.
Main Features:
Document Hierarchy Tree and XREF browser.
Page, Font and Image lists.
HEX, Page Contents, Image and Stream of Objects view modes.
Objects Search in XREF table by object ID, type or references.
It is easy to see References to any object.
Page Contents browser with outlines, command highlighting and command descriptions.
PDF structure analyser.
All standard PDF encryptions are supported. Including AES 256.
Error and Warning logs.
PDF commands description.
Save all images to files.
Copy page contents to clipboard and copy contents with auto generated descriptions!


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